I want to make work inspired by people from all over the world + throughout time. I think we have more similarities than differences with our ancient brothers and sisters. Above all we are human; full of beautiful imperfections and flaws. I strive to make work that celebrates the asymmetry and variation in humans and nature. The Ancient jewelers didn’t have access to 3D wax printers, yet they created eternally compelling works that resonate to this day. Holding ancient jewelry in your hand you can see hints about the people who came before us. A little piece of the artist’s hand and personality is imbued in their work. We can see shadows of wearers through scratches, inscriptions, and genuine wear. I find this early work to be far more compelling than the polished perfection that followed. That’s why I hand carve wax freehand (without calipers and measurements) and don’t strive for symmetry or perfection. This jewelry is made by hand with torches, files, gravers, saws and many techniques that have been in use for thousands of years. I strive for an imperfect kind of perfection that lets you see the maker's hand and nature's endless variation in every piece. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

-Mandy Lyne, Founder 

We Are Ancients is designed and handmade by Mandy Lyne in Portland, ME. Mandy’s background is in antique jewelry at the wonderful Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX. From Native American turquoise to Georgian era diamonds, her interest in antique jewelry continually shifted earlier in time, reaching these ancient inspirations. With a love of ancient jewelry and an inability to source it, she turned to jeweler Bob Weaver to learn the trade. Through his studio and education she was able to start this journey.